Tuesday, February 8, 2011

quick sketches of the male forms~michellechoongkhoo

Does your personal style reflect your artistic style?

To me one can’t live without the other. —Carlos Aponte at gallery hanahou

I think Carlos' answer is what I will subscribe to…..

because  generally speaking without any specific theme in mind and left to my own resources, I always prefer to draw the  female forms ….
but since I wanted to complement my previous posting and scouring online for male images…..heh heh, without a doubt, any artists would find the male physique presents  interestingness in many new ways ~
                                                   the family man
                                                      the hunk
the casual man
                                                   a fresh faced Adonis

                                                      the team player
                                                      "Mr Cool"
                                                         Mr Outdoor
                                              a man focused on winning

And with this, I think I am ready to go on to drawing diving photos~

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