Sunday, February 6, 2011

a hobbyist's quick sketches of the female forms~michellechoongkhoo

"Hobbyist, Amateur, or Professional

The first thing to understand is the difference between being a hobby artist, an amateur artist, and a professional artist." quote Aletta de Wal in Art Business Advise 

At last I know now how to define my interest in Art….heh heh, I sure love being a hobbist because by Aletta's defination….Hobby artists may spend years, decades or even an entire lifetime making art strictly for personal pleasure….to enjoy, whenever they feel like it!
I dont mind looking forward to the rest of my life, exploring art for myself :D, what a pleasure that will be!

After 5 days of celebrating food and family time, today I was just itching to put some watercolor to paper~
And so on this lovely cool sunday, this hobbyist in a spurt of frenzy decided to try out quick sketches visualizing the different representations of the female form in my mind..

                                              "maternal" from own stock photo 1984
                                      "wild" adapted from photo by Mor.gan at flickr
                                       "beguiling" adapted from photo by Mor.gan at flickr
                                       "chic" adapted from art of Vincent Bakkum at ArtOdyssey
                                    "graceful" adapted from art of Vincent Bakkum at ArtOdyssey
                                        "sultry" adapted from Dior ad, Jadore Charlize Theron
                                   "Kinky" adapted from photos from HerWorld Dec 2007 copy
                                    "Trendy" adapted from photos from HerWorld Dec 2007 copy
                                       "feminine" adapted from perfume ad
                               "career minded" adpated from Vincci shoe ad
Transformers~ n this shld need no introduction?

I kinda fancy how these watercolor sketches turned out onto my new recycled 8"x5" sketchbook…..but because the paper is really very water absorbent paper , there's a need to work really fast with bold strokes~ fantastic for silhouettes and monochromatic shadings!
mmmmm, I guess its only logical that next experiments will be on the male forms?
heh heh,,,,,,,this hobbyist certainly pray to be able to enjoy her art experimentations for many many years to come :)

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