Saturday, November 17, 2012

colors and the allure of a woman~michellesblueplanet iPad

It all started out as an exercise to try capture the allure of Katie Holmes after seeing the gorgeous newly single beauty in H Stern's fabulous latest ad campaign ..

However I soon got distracted as it quickly struck me that perhaps it is more interesting to see how same bones, same pose …. how different colors will change subject model's facial expressions?

 and hence I got sidetracked as I experimented below:

yup, iPad digital art has one more plus point over conventional water coloring or pencils or oil…..for now that is.
I am at the phase to experiment with strokes, so I am grateful for iPad's instant gratification 

Anyway, as always, when there's something new to be learnt, its an enlightening process~
so I would view it as good practice, great learning curve.

some hours into experimenting with different palettes…..
In the end, I discovered I still prefer the nude makeup painting that I did at the onset !

Beauty in its rawness , great skin, good bones, captivating eyes…..
those very qualities that contrasted so well with the jewellery…..
thats what caught my eyes about the H.Stern's ads in the first place!

So of course , very likely I will get back to perfecting those chiseled cheekbones for vivacious Ms Holmes as soon as I get my next burst of mojo that is :)

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