Wednesday, June 1, 2011

its raining cats and dogs in our household :)

When one is surrounded by pets who demand much of your time~ its only natural that they in turn become much of one's art inspirations….

a quick A4 size sketch and 20 mins watercolor of Kerbi (my sons name) 
or Tiger (my choice of name for this wild spirited feline) 
Don't you just love those fearsome mesmerizing eyes?

It seems so unfair to sketch Tiger without also completing one of Tobie and so I had to hurriedly attempt an A4 sized watercolor to try to capture the essence of his scaredity cat eyes~ but we know better than to be fooled by him! The vet can bear testament to the fact by the scars on her arms when she made a house call to give Tobie his injections!


Triton said...

1st time saw ur blog, r very good...
u still practice every day?

michelle's blue planet said...

Hi Triton, thanks for dropping by and caring to comment~
i wish I hv much more time to focus on art , yes i still practice but am not posting stuff that are repeatitive :)