Wednesday, March 2, 2011

painting is only as good as the photo referencing~

Indeed I would make a most horrible commercial artist (not that I am good enough yet hee hee)

Time is so precious to me that I have so little to spare …therefore I only want to use it to paint something that I have affinity for or that tugs at my heartstrings….
thats why my favourite subject matters are my sons, my pets, sceneries that has nostalgia for me, something that I wanna do e.g diving or traveling …
in short, I only want to make the investment of time to do the art piece IF it speaks to me~

And I find that apart from being passionate about the painting subject, good photos are essential as references…
Luckily I have loads of archive photos that will not make me lack subject matter and I do envisage myself very very occupied for a long long long time, hahahaha.

That said, while photographs make good reference ….to really see tiny details, the photos if printed has to be of high quality…
If space does not permit, then I prefer to work direct from photos straight from the camera but my ultimate choice is I love to reference photos using the fantastic lighting from my iPad's screen!
Mac's technology is awsome to bring the photos alive in such vivid colors and thats what makes the difference between making the painting more realistic, in my personal opinion!

Here's Elmo done from my ipad photo reference ~

                                      A4 hotpressed 220gms acid free paper
                                 and all framed up with app from bighugelabs~

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